Sup board rental

It is also possible to rent a SUP board and make a tour yourself. Basic experience with paddling is required in Sint-Annaland and Gorishoek, because on the tides on the Oosterschelde.

Before going out on the water, a certified instructor will always give a brief explanation about paddling and about the area.

sup board huren in Zeeland of West Brabant

We have purchased extra boards this year so that there are always enough SUP boards available for rent. On the reservation page you will find our schedule to see where you can rent a board on which day. Mostly it is also possible to just rent on site, if sup boards are still available.

Our rates:

Supboard rental
€ 23,00
2 h
Supboard rental
€ 35,00
4 h
Supboard rental
€ 50,00
8 h
Supboard rental
€ 85,00
5 x 2 h
Supboard rental annual card
€ 125,00

* Always bring your ID, so we can make a copy before you get the materials

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