Supping is for everyone!
Supping is very accessible. About 99% of the participants manage to stay on the board within 1 lesson. We offer both beginners lessons and also a so-called refresher lesson for participants who have paddled 'a long time ago'.

The explanation and coaching is in English or Dutch.

suppen introductieles in Zeeland en West Brabant

Introduction lesson

In our introductory lesson we briefly explain the basics on shore and then we immediately go out on the water to practice. Sounds good right? Or still a little afraid of falling into the water? Don't worry! We have so-called "all-round sup boards". These are ideal for beginners. These boards are slightly wider and therefore offer extra stability. After the explanation, we first start paddling while sitting on our knees so that you can slowly get used to it. So we go step by step until it feels comfortable to stand up. The lessons are always in small groups with 4 to 10 participants, so there is always enough personal coaching to quickly master the basics. And then we'll go for a nice tour! The introductory lesson lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and can be extended to 1 hour and 45 minutes for free touring / practicing.

Refresher lesson

Did you paddle last year or earlier and would you like to go through the basics again before you go out on the water yourself or join a tour this year? In the refresher lesson we go through all the basics and then adapt the lesson to the level of the participants. If you have paddled before and want to introduce friends or family to paddleboarding, you can also get together to take a lesson. Because the lessons are always in small groups, the attention is divided between absolute beginners and the more experienced participants.

All you need to know

  • Join a group lesson or take a clinic with your own group?
    You can always join a group lesson with 2 or more people. Here you will always find an overview of the planning of group lessons. Do you prefer to take lessons with your own club? From 5 people you can book your own lesson at a location of your choice (in consultation)

  • Private lesson
    Would you prefer really personal guidance the first time? The introductory lesson can also be booked privately (exclusively with your own group). Ideal to master the basics in peace at your own pace. Or very nice to have a nice family moment on the water with your own family. Would you rather stay on the side yourself? A private lesson also guarantees extra supervision of your children on the water.

  • Location
    Catalina SUP is a mobile SUP school so we provide our lessons from multiple locations. Our permanent locations are the Bergse Diepsluis at the Oesterdam, the beach at Sint Annaland and Benedensas at De Heen. With a minimum of 5 participants, in consultation the lesson can also be provided at a location of your choice. However, the location always depends on the weather. If there is too much wind, it is sometimes possible to divert to the inland waterways, which are a lot quieter than the Oosterschelde.

  • Dresscode
    Dress sporty and according to the weather. When the weather is nice, we sup in shorts and barefeet. At lower temperatures, long pants, shirt / jacket with long sleeves and water shoes or sneakers are recommended. Wear comfortable (sports) clothing, preferably quick-drying. Bring a towel and, just in case, a set of dry clothes. Do you wear (sun)glasses? Then remember to attach a cord to your glasses so that you do not lose them. We have some waterproof bags that we can attach to the SUP board, so that you can safely take valuables such as your keys with you.

  • Wetsuit
    In the spring and autumn you can also rent a wetsuit for € 5.00 each (size 152 - XXL). Especially as a beginner, it is advisable to put on a wetsuit in the spring when temperatures are below 15 degrees. There is always a chance that you fall in the water and especially if that happens early in a lesson it is difficult to warm up again during the lesson without wearing a wetsuit

  • Children
    Participation is possible with a miminum age of 10 years old. Participants under the age of 13 must be accompanied by someone at least 16 years old. Children under the age of 10 may free on the SUP with an adult. In a private lesson it is possible to participate with a minumum age of 8 years old (because with a small group the instructor can provide more attention to the participants)

After taking 1 or 2 classes you can also rent a SUP board

Below you will find an overview of the rates at our fixed locations in our booking system. Other locations are also possible in consultation. There is an additional cost of 5 euros per person for this.

Price p.p.
Introduction lesson
€ 24,00
1:15 h
Follow up lesson
€ 24,00
1:15 h
Lesson + tour
€ 29,00
1:45 h
SUP & Fun (minimum 6 participants)
€ 27,00
1:30 h
Private lesson 1 person
€ 65,00
1:15 h
Private lesson 2 persons
€ 45,00
1:15 h
Private lesson 3 persons
€ 35,00
1:15 h
Private lesson 4 persons
€ 30,00
1:15 h
Private lesson 5+ persons
€ 27,00
1:15 h

* alle clinics are including board, paddle and licenced instructor

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